** For UAB Operated telephone numbers beginning with 934, 996, or 975 only**

Experience has shown that most nuisance callers will give up after one or two attempts if they are given no attention. However for those callers which persist, there is a procedure in place at UAB for identifying the annoyance caller. The following steps should be followed if calls continue.

Step 1

Upon receiving an annoyance/harassing call, immediately call UAB Police at 934-4434 and provide the following information:
  • Your telephone number
  • The date, time, and type of call (i.e. silent, hang up, obscene).
You will be given a case number by UAB Police which should be kept for reference.

Step 2

Keep a log of the date, time, and type for all subsequent annoyance calls. This will be important information to help us identify the origin of the annoyance calls. Report each occurrence promptly to UAB Police (4-4434). UAB Police will work with Telecommunications Services to investigate the problem.

For questions about the above procedure, please call UAB Police at 934-4434.